The Collegiate Sports Video Association (CSVA) is announcing the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The Committee will help nurture diversity within the Association and help increase knowledge about inclusion and equality among sports video departments.
“We, the Collegiate Sports Video Association (CSVA), will be taking a strong stance of inclusion and equality within our organization. We will strive to welcome and celebrate individuals from ALL walks of life. We will continue to provide educational opportunities for growth both personally and professionally, designed to help all members grow and manage their careers. We will strive to be more representative of the programs we support.”
The Committee will help educate members on diversity, initiate relationships among HBCU’s, and help assist and guide the CSVA Executive Board in decisions relating to Diversity and Inclusion.
A diverse group of six members have been chosen to be on CSVA’s first Diversity and Inclusion Committee. They include members from various conferences across the country as well as different levels. They include:

  • Jevin Stone – Penn State University
  • Darby Dunnagan – Northwestern University
  • Devin McKenney – North Carolina State University
  • Kevin Tomaszek – Boston College
  • Chris Velasquez – Texas Tech University
  • Jimmy Le – University of Buffalo

The Collegiate Sports Video Association is an association of video coordinators across the continent involved in college football, college basketball, high school football, the NFL, AFL, and CFL. The organization began in 1994 and held its first conference the following year.
CSVA’s main goals are to serve the members and provide a place for dialogue and development within the profession. Among the key principals of the CSVA, members strive to:

  • Evaluate professional standards among all Video Coordinators
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and technological innovations
  • Advance ethical procedures and quality techniques
  • Raise the awareness of the role that Video Coordinators play within the athletic environment.

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