2019-2020 Savvy Award Submission Guidelines




The 2019-2020 Savvy awards are now open for submissions. Videos/submission forms MUST be submitted by March 27, 2020. You MUST be a paid member of CSVA by March 27, 2020 to be judged.  One (1) video, per person, per category is allowed and each video requires a separate submission form. Videos CAN NOT EXCEED 7 minutes in length, and should be the original video used. Only edits to meet the time limit are allowed.  A digital format of your video is preferred (QuickTime/MP4). In the spirit of the original concept of the Savvy Awards please refrain from entering videos that are in part or completely produce from and outside 3rd party vendor or on campus production house. We’re wanting this competition to reflect the hard work and creativity of our membership.

Entry forms are in the files section in the top left corner of this page under the Group Name (CSVA). SAVVY’s will be submitted to Matthew Verderosa (TEXAS A&M) via Dragonfly. If you need permissions opened, please be sure to let him know.

Please be sure to name your Dragonfly Locker in the following format:

2019-2020 SAVVY – Category – School – Title

The categories guidelines are as follows:


Motivational Category – any video made within one (1) given week whose purpose is to motivate a team for its upcoming game. Preseason and Bowl Game Highlights will not be included in this category. Please submit those to the Highlight Category

Recruiting Category – any video used to encourage recruits to attend your university or join your program.

Highlight Category – any other video used – can be end of year video, preseason video, stadium intro, etc.

Short Social –  social media videos less than 1 minute in length

Also, Matt will be needing people to help judge the first-round of entries so let them know if you are interested. You will not be allowed to judge any category in which your school has submitted a video.

Matt’s e-mail is: mverderosa@athletics.tamu.edu

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