An Eye To The Future


The Collegiate Sports Video Association is dedicated to serving its members and providing a place for dialogue and development within the profession. The CSVA will be a forum to:

  • evaluate professional standards among all Video Coordinators
  • facilitate the exchange of information and technological innovations
  • advance ethical procedures and quality techniques
  • raise the awareness of the role that Video Coordinators play within the athletic environment

The CSVA is continuing its efforts to heighten its Active and Business membership. Currently, CSVA’s membership and recruitment efforts are focused on collegiate and high school athletic Video Coordinators.

The future for the CSVA’s membership is limitless. While most of the current collegiate membership represent Video Departments which cater to mainly the institution’s football or basketball programs, all areas of the collegiate field of communications are being targeted by the CSVA. Full-time, part-time, and students are welcomed and encouraged to join the association.

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