Why Join the CSVA?

The Collegiate Sports Video Association is the premier association for video professionals in the sports industry, promoting the role of Video Coordinator for over 20 years.

  • Network with the top video coordinators in college and pro sports.
  • Access to member only job listings.
  • Registration to annual CSVA conference.
  • Upload your own video showcase and share it with your peers.

CSVA strives to evaluate and continually improve sports video standards and facilitate effective communication among industry professionals in order to bolster innovation, development, and professional integrity across the video coordinator profession.

The CSVA Executive Board approved changes in 2010 to increase the representation at the executive level for High School, FCS, DII and DIII programs, as well as new representation for basketball.

CSVA is committed to being the organization that Video Coordinators turn to for professional development.

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